Monday, October 17, 2011

Xymox Percussion

I'm not one usually to complain about companies, as I understand everyone is busy, everyone has setbacks, etc etc. But this situation has me irked.

I recently ordered a tenorpad from Xymox Percussion. I don't have a tenor pad, figured one would be beneficial, and have heard good things about this particular pad from one of my students. Plus, having a meager income from my GA position, I figured I could justify spending money on equipment going towards my profession this semester.

I wish I were writing a review of the pad. Unfortunately, I'm not.

I ordered the pad a month ago today. Which, once again, I could get over. But, though I received an order confirmation the day I placed the order, after three weeks, I hadn't heard anything.

So I called Xymox to find out what was up. They apologized, said they've been swamped with orders, and told me (on Oct 6th) that the order was ready, and would ship the 7th, and I should have my pad the following weeks. Sweet. I understand a busy fall, and it looks like I was just being impatient.

Well, today (over a week later, if you don't care to glance at a calendar), still no tracking number, much less a tenor pad.

I called. They told me they've been swamped this fall, but my pad is ready, and should ship tonight, and I would have a tracking number by the close of the business day. Sound familiar? Despite deja vu, I was polite, thanked them for their time, and patiently awaited their email.

Suffice it to say that I don't have a tracking number.

They're probably going to get another call tomorrow. I gave them too much money to be given the run around.

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  1. Two years later, its no better with this company. We ordered a reserve snare pad in December and have received promise after promise that the product will ship but to no avail. It is now April and we are still without the product. The company has instead offered us a refund. We don't want the refund, we want the product! It's a blessing that they are swamped and so many people want their product but they should alter their shipping policy to state that it will take 6-8 months rather than 6-8 weeks to receive the product. If anyone out there is reading this, beware... It will take months NOT weeks to receive the product.


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